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All Diseases that attack the body are due to various aspects of nutritional deficiencies. When our bodies fail to receive fortified, regenerative vitamins and minerals, our defense mechanisms are worn down and open to the predator ailments. 

Healthy Cooking with Mr. Wilson’s programs are designed to cleanse your body of vintage stored waste and replenish your body with regenerative vital vitamins that assist your body in rebuilding itself to its original healthy state. The results of my nutrition blast programs have assisted clients in losing weight, combating Diabetes or High Blood pressure, slowing up or dissolving cancers, and recreating an environment where the body will naturally heal itself of all ailments.a healthy meal.

Level I.
Seasonal Cleanse,Initial consultation * Customized 7 day meal plan (reusable) * Cleansing supplements (1) follow up consultation $49.00

Level II
Initial consultation * Customized 7 day meal plan (reusable) * Cleansing supplements* (2) follow up consultations *Kitchen pantry Makeover 

Level III
Initial consultation * Customized 14 day meal plan (reusable) * Cleansing supplements* (2) follow up consultations * Kitchen pantry Makeover * (1) in-house or Virtual Healthy Cooking Demonstration 

Level IV
Initial consultation * Customized 14 day meal plan (reusable) * Cleansing supplements* (3) follow up consultations *Kitchen pantry Makeover * (1) in-house or Virtual Healthy Cooking Demonstration E-cookbook on CD 

Level V
The Initial Consultation * Customized 14-Day meal plan with recipe and menu assignments * natural cleansing supplements and vitamin suggestions * Full kitchen pantry makeover * .(4) Journal consultations Sessions (4) (Phone or in person) * (1) In-house or Virtual Healthy Cooking Demonstrations. * (1) Physical Nutritional Assessment.(Nutrition Testing) * A Stress Relief Package (Including a parasite cleanse) *A Pass to or DVD of my Healthy Living Classes. * (1) Personal Trainer consultation with Exercise plan. $2499.00

Two Types of Classes (Hands-on or Demonstrations)
Cooking Classes consist of two types: (1) Hands-on (The Client prepares the meal and practices the technique along with the chef) or (2) Demonstration (The Client observes, take notes, and taste).

Most of the classes are demonstration. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a full hands-on course, we would be happy to discuss it with you (extra charges may apply, plus you will need to provide additional equipment, such as knives, cutting boards, etc.) unless otherwise noted.

Most classes are $25-$85 per person, with a 6-person minimum (groceries are included). Classes for individuals or couples are available for $65-$100/hour with a 2-hour minimum, plus the cost of groceries. Cooking classes in groups offered by Healthy Cooking with Mr. Wilson, Inc. will have all equipment provided. In-home classes or classes requested by organizations or companies will need to provide their own equipment unless other arrangements are made. Our goal is to use the techniques in preparing healthier dishes that are conducive to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Many of us are baffled when attempting to shop and cook healthy. We’re generally in the dark about what to choose for a healthy meal. Deciphering the secret code of ingredients is frustrating and misleading. Chef Wilson will conduct a thorough assessment of your present pantry items, provide you with a list of healthier alternatives as well as information on how to shop smarter. Kitchen pantry makeovers can be performed in person or virtually. With the purchase of a kitchen pantry makeover, you’ll also receive a free invitation to the next Grocery Store tour in your area. Prices range from $75-$150.
• How to make healthy food choices
• Misleading information regarding “fat free” and “sugar free” products
• True definitions of refined, fortified & other disguised words on food labels
• The Art of shopping healthy versus unhealthy aisles
• Tricks of the “0 Trans fats” trade

Grocery Shopping is one of the most important events in your household. What you bring home can either open a door to sickness or keep you and your family in optimum health. Chef Wilson will take you on a personal guided tour of the grocery store. During your customized guided tour,
Chef Wilson will help you discover:
• Selecting quality produce & learning about unfamiliar produce
• Quick and easy recipes for all types of produce
• Healthy Recipes the whole family can create
• Understanding herbs and spices as well as their use
• Tasting of unfamiliar products
• Learn about dairy substitutes
• Low fat dairy products
• Healthy Snacks and desserts that taste good
• Whole grain foods
• How to choose lean meat, and how to pick fresh fish
• How to read food labels and make product comparisons
• How to make healthy choices for your unique situation:
(Low sodium products; sugar free; high fiber choices and More!) Servicing Companies, Organizations, Groups, Families, Schools & individuals $20-$55 per person

Personal Chef Services include menu design, according to the specific dietary restrictions or needs of an individual*, storage containers and grocery shopping, meal preparation in your home kitchen, packaging with dated labels, heating instructions and all clean up to return your kitchen to the condition in which it was found (or better). Other than the wonderful aroma of great cooking and a full fridge, you wouldn’t know someone had been in your kitchen! Most personal chefs travel with their own equipment – everything but the kitchen sink! This service also includes an introductory, nutritional assessment interview (free of charge) where we can review your nutritional needs in-depth.

Ladies night out with Chef Wilson is a growing event that that gives small groups of women the opportunity to experience a live healthy cooking demonstration, FAQ Session, Open Discussion, Wine tasting, Catered healthy hor dorvers or a full meal, prizes and participation gifts included. In the comforts of your home or designated location. Minimum number of participants (10), maximum (50), from $35 -$100 per person

Goal Setting & Achieving (Classes or Workshops)
Organizational Skills (Classes or Workshops)
Identifying foods that have negative affects (label reading) (Classes or Workshops)
Additional Workshops and Classes
• Healthy Meal Plans 101
• Proper Food Combinations
• How to Eat Healthy on the Go (Or Traveling)
• How to eat healthy on a budget
• Recipe Transformation Class (Healthy Alternatives)
• Healthy Soul food (End Generational Curses)
• Customized Classes with an emphasis on nutrition and food preparation
• The Proper way to fast (Food or Water)
• Natural Food aphrodisiacs
Classes are from $50 per person for a 90 minute class

Extra Services
Juice fasting Programs $99 Parasite Cleanses $99

Training or workout regime
Workout program $85 Training $35 - $85 per hr (depending on type of training)

Prepared meals
$8 - $20 per meal (depending on type)

Extended Nutritional Consultations
$75 - $120 per hr or (extended packages can be customized at a discount)

Cooking Demos
$25 - $60 per person (depending on menu and content could be higher)

Cooking Classes
$65 - $100 per person (depending on cuisine)

Small Group Health Seminars and workshops
$100 for up to 5 participants and $25 for each additional participant
(Special pricing for groups of 50 or more)

Large Group Seminars and workshops (call for pricing)
(Specialty Group or frequency group discounts available)

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  • Alternative Food Workshops

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