In today’s society, cooking and eating healthy has become a lost art. Nutritious foods are consumed less and processed foods dominate our diets. Obesity and other diseases have run rampant in our communities because we are unfamiliar with incorporating natural, whole foods into our diets. Now is the time to take a stand and reclaim our health. My mission is to educate on the preparation of healthy foods that replenish and restore our bodies to their original healthy states. Join me as I recreate traditional recipes by using natural unprocessed ingredients. In addition to telling you which foods are good or bad, I explain why and how through my cookbooks, DVDs, lectures, cooking classes and demonstrations.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit, we follow family traditions, and we are addicted to customs, especially with foods. With my recipes, I challenge you to step out the box. Explore and challenge your taste palates, as I create interpretations of various comfort foods and expand your horizons to healthy foods that compliment that old fashion taste.